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WOLF-Garten Select S3800E Electric Lawn Mower

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The 1400w electric motor on the WOLF-Garten Select S3800E has plenty of juice and is an induction-type unit that will prove impressively durable. The chassis of the WOLF-Garten Select S3800E is constructed from high-quality plastic, which means the weight is minimal (14kg) and the mower is therefore easy to steer around your garden. It also helps when it comes to moving and storage, and this is made even easier by the foldable handles and built-in carrying-handle. A cutting-width of 38cm means this mower will deal with smaller lawns efficiently; and the rotary action is very efficient, cutting the grass neatly and quickly; and lifting it up-and-back into the collector. The collector is hard and constructed in a ‘basket style’ with hundreds of apertures punched in it , allowing the air through and optimising the airflow, thereby reducing instances of clumping and blockages. The lid of the collector is solid, trapping the dust and preventing it from rising up in dry conditions and becoming a health hazard. Great cutting-flexibility is provided by the three-step cutting-height - adjustable from 20mm to 60mm - enabling you to pick the right height for your lawn, or to suit the conditions. The wheels are smooth-running and are made with moulded grips for traction; and the rear-wheels are slightly larger than the front by half-an-inch, ensuring smooth steering and keeping the turning radius tight and controllable. The one-hand operation-lever is comfortable and easy to use; while an integrated rear-deflector enables you to remove the collector and cut-and-drop if conditions require. A three-year manufacturer's warranty is included with this mower.

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