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WOLF-Garten Select S3200E Electric Lawn Mower

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If you have a small garden or lawn and are operating on modest budget, there is positively no need to compromise on quality when it comes to regular maintenance and looking after your garden. The lawn specialists at WOLF-Garten are more than familiar with the needs of small lawn and garden owners and have created the select range of electric mowers to fulfil those requirements. Take the Select S3200E Electric Lawn Mower, with its high-quality 1000w electric motor providing clean, quiet, maintenance- and emission-free power to cut your lawn in all conditions. The chassis of the manually propelled Select S3200E is constructed from high-quality plastic, which keeps the weight down to a very impressive 12kg. making it easy to steer, manoeuvre, and, in combination with the useful foldable handle, making it easy to store away between sessions in a shed or garage. Cutting-versatility is provided in the shape of a three-way cutting-height adjustment, which enables you to choose the right height-of-cut for conditions or to suit your needs. The heights available are 20, 40 or 60mm. The Select S3200E Electric Lawn Mower is a rear-discharge machine with spinning blades which create a strong draft that moves the grass-clippings back into the collector. The collector is solid, but is constricted basket-style, punctured by hundreds of small holes. This enhances the airflow and provides optimum collection, reducing blockages and clumping, even in the wet. The wheels are smooth-running and have moulded grips for improve traction on your lawn. The lid of the easily-removable collector is also solid, which helps keep dust down in dry conditions, preventing it from irritating the operator. The capacity of the collector is 30-litres, so you can mow for some time before having to worry about emptying the cuttings Easily controlled with the practical, one-hand-operated lever and with a low noise-floor of only 93 dB(A), this mower is ideal for an urban, suburban or cottage garden and comes with a three-year manufacturers warranty.

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