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WOLF-Garten Ambition VA346E Electric Scarifier

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Forget back-breaking hand-forking and raking and promote thick, lush grass-growth the fast, low-effort way with the high-performance WOLF-Garten Ambition VA346E Electric Scarifier. It’s a two-in-one machine, with its scarifier-mode cutting pretty-much invisible slits in the lawn surface so moisture and nutrients can penetrate the turf; and its lawn-rake mode gently teasing-out any moss, thatch and laterally-growing weeds that might be strangling growth. The WOLF-Garten Ambition VA346E boasts a high-quality plastic housing that confers rust- and impact-resistance and lightweight manoeuvrability. It gives you the choice of five working-depth steps, so you adapt it to meet your lawn’s needs; and it comes with a 20m power-lead that should see you reach the furthest corners of your garden without needing to use an extension-lead. Thanks to its height-adjustable/foldable soft-grip handlebar, the Ambition VA346E can be made comfortable for any operator and will take up very little space when stored. A weight of just 14kg means gardeners of any age or build will find easy to push along; while a capacious 45-litre debris-bag eliminates the need to tidy-up with a hand-rake once the job’s finished.

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