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STIHL HSE-61 Electric Hedgetrimmer

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The STIHL HSE-61 is a high-quality German-engineered machine that’s aimed squarely at the more exacting home gardener. What marks it out from many similarly-priced machines is its five-stage rotary handle; a high-specification feature that allows you to select the safest and most comfortable angle of approach for any given hedge or shrub. Its low-weight build (3.9kg) and use of STIHL’s advanced ergonomics contribute further to ease-of-handling. The more powerful 500w electric motor on the STIHL HSE-61 drives a substantial (50cm) double-sided blade-set that ensures a medium- to large-sized hedge can be tamed in quick-time. The blades have been laser-cut from hardened steel, so as to prevent warping over time; and they benefit from being diamond-ground; a process that ensures they’ll cut incredibly cleanly and will stay in peak condition for longer (their large-sized 29mm tooth-gap is suitable for woodier growth). Most electric hedgetrimmers have two-safety switches, meaning both hands have to be on the machine for it to run. This is very safe, but can restrict your movement, so STIHL have equipped this model with triple safety-switching; the third switch allowing for alternative hand-positioning. The STIHL HSE-61 Electric Hedgetrimmer features cable-strain relief, so you can be sure you won’t accidentally disconnect the mains-cable.