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Stiga SRC48AE Cordless Tiller (Tool Only)

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Aerate and weed your flowerbeds and vegetable-plot quickly, thoroughly and without breaking your back when you add the state-of-the-art Stiga SRC48AE Cordless Tiller to your garden-machinery armoury! Delivering the power for the four sharp-tined metal rotors is a new-generation lithium-ion battery-cell that outperforms conventional ni-cad and lead-acid batteries in terms of both run-times and charge-times; and which doesn’t suffer from the self-discharge and memory-effect problems that have always let down those lower-spec units. The Stiga SRC48AE Cordless Tiller has a working-width of just 26cm - you’ll be able to work between rows of extant crops and plants with fear of damaging them. Twin transport wheels mean it can be easily rolled to and from the plot; while a soft-grip handlebar helps prevent blisters and ensures minimal vibration is transferred to the user’s hands. Weighing-in at only 12kg, this model will prove easy to handle for any operator.