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Stiga Pro 1171 HST Commercial Dual-stage Snow Blower

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It sometimes seems that we are never ready in the UK when the weather hits. Well it pays to be prepared and Stiga know it. This superb professional quality, Pro 1171 HST Dual-Stage Self Propelled Petrol snow blower will stand you in good stead when the snow falls and is geared up for larger domestic premises and grounds or smaller business premises. The engine which drives this snow thrower is a 305cc Briggs and Stratton OHV Professional Series, designed for heavy-duty equipment. It is fuel-efficient and will run cooler, last longer and provide reliable high-performance. Transmission on the Pro 1171 HST is Hydrostatic, so there is no gear-shift involved, offering you the ease and efficiency of ‘infinite’ speed control, useful when manoeuvring up to edges, around obstacles, covering difficult terrain or varying thicknesses of snow and ice.The clearing width of the machine is an impressive 71cm and the snow intake height is 50cm so the Pro 1171 HST can deal with quite a heavy fall of snow.A dual-stage machine, the Stiga Pro 1171 HST’s saw-toothed auger up front breaks up heavy snow and ice and the rear impellor throws it up and out of an exit chute at a distance of up to 15 metres. The snow exit chute is rotatable through 200° and both chute and the deflector, which alters the pitch of the snow stream, are fully controlled, electronically, from the operating position. One-handed operation of the Stiga Pro 1171 HST is also possible so rotation and pitch can be altered without stopping. Clearing height is adjustable due to snow skids situated on the front undersides of the auger hood, allowing it to be raised so the blower can be used, on gravel or shale without grabbing unwanted detritus with the snow. There are two starting mechanisms; a 230v mains electric (cable supplied) and a recoil start for added flexibility. The recoil start has a large handle for use with gloves. A cable is provided for the electric start and a powerful headlight is featured to aid visibility in poor light or bad conditions.The handles of the Stiga Pro 1171 are heated to keep your hands warm as you work.The heavy-duty, 16’ wheels are fitted with chunky and robust ‘Maxi Grip’ tyres, which are deep-patterned for excellent grip and handling on ice and snow.