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Stiga Multiclip 950 V Self-Propelled Petrol Mulching Lawnmower

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Whether you’re a professional gardener or a domestic fine-lawn enthusiast, the high-specification Stiga Multiclip 950 V will more than meet your requirements!A purpose-built mulching mower, the Stiga Multiclip 950 V eliminates the need for raking-up and/or bagging. Rather than be discharged directly onto the surface or sent to a catcher, grass-cuttings are instead reduced to tiny particulates that are forced back into the turf by a powerful airflow, at which point they’ll quickly wilt and vanish, leaving you with a neat, organically nourished lawn. The Stiga Multiclip 950 V Push Lawnmower comes equipped with a 167cc Honda GCVx170 engine; a four-stroke, overhead-valve unit that employs only precision-machined components for reduced noise and vibration; and which delivers powerful torque across the power-band so as to ensure a sudden load-increase won’t cause a significant drop in engine-speed. Built around a galvanised-steel cutter-deck and running on top-quality bearing-mounted wheels, the Stiga Multiclip 950 V offers the sort of build-quality that’s essential for a lengthy service-life. It’s a self-propelled machine with variable speed, so you’ll have no trouble negotiating slopes adapting to the grass length; and it features single-lever height-adjustment, which means performance-boosting changes can be quickly made to the blade position (there are five heights – 31-75mm). The pro-duty X-shaped handlebar on the Stiga Multiclip 950 V Self-Propelled Petrol Mulching Lawnmower is height-adjustable and can be offset to either side so as to facilitate mowing flush against walls and fences. Also of note is a friction blade-holder, which prevents engine- and crankshaft-damage should the blade contact an immovable object; and Stiga’s highly effective VCS vibration-reduction technology, whereby vibration transfer from engine to handlebar is minimised for optimum user-comfort.