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Stiga HPS550R Electric Pressure-Washer

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One of the best-performing domestic-use pressure-washers on the market, the high-powered Stiga HPS550R is a high-quality but affordable machine that will enable you to spruce-up patios, decking, walls, garden-furniture and machinery rapidly and with impressive thoroughness. Its exceptional cleaning-capability is thanks to its high-output 2100w induction motor and premium-grade three-piston brass-pump; a combination that produces a ferocious 150bar-pressure and delivers a huge 520l/h flow-rate. The Stiga HPS550R is flexible in use, with its two spray nozzles - one adjustable, one rotary - enabling you to adapt to the nature of the task confronting you. It comes with an extra-long 10-metre hose that means you’ll be able to work around obstacles without moving the machine itself; and it boasts a detergent injection-system for excellent results when tackling oily machinery. Stable in operation and easy to shift to and from the work-site, the Stiga HPS550R Electric Pressure-Washer sits on large 200mm-diameter rubber-tyred wheels and benefits from Stiga’s provision of a telescopic soft-touch transport handle. Hose-, cable- and accessory-storage are all integral.

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