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Stiga Estate 5092HW Garden Tractor

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If you’d rather mowing your large lawn was a pleasurable experience rather than a tiresome chore, then this powerful, feature-packed garden tractor from long-established Swedish brand Stiga should be given serious consideration. Making it tick is a 586cc Stiga ST600 V-Twin engine that develops a huge 11.2kW (at 2700rpm), and which utilises the esteemed manufacturer’s latest OHV technology for a substantial reduction in fuel-costs, noise-levels and polluting exhaust emissions. A high-performance lubrication system minimises wear-and-tear and maximises engine-life; while an electric key ignition ensures the engine can be fired-up with zero fuss. Instead of a manual drive, where you have to stop every time you need to adjust the ground-speed, the Stiga Estate 5092 HW Garden Tractor features a hydrostatic drive. This gives you infinitely-variable control of both forward- and reverse-speeds via a foot-pedal, in turn maximising manoeuvrability; saving time; and making it simple to select the most appropriate pace for the terrain and conditions. The Stiga Estate 5092HW is fitted with a twin-blade Contraflow cutter-deck, which, thanks to the high-velocity air-flow created by the action of the blades, ensures exceptional performance when it comes to both mulching and damp-weather collection (mulch-kit included). A turning-radius of just 160cm makes the negotiation of tight-corners simple and safe; while a seven-stage cutting-height, adjustable between 25 and 80mm, allows you to adapt to the grass-type you’re confronted with. With its cavernous grassbag able to hold an immense 290-litres of packed-in clippings, the Stiga Estate 5092 will cover a lawn of up to 8000m2 with fewer emptying-stops than most other tractors in its class. It’s fitted with a pair of high-performance headlights, so you won’t be defeated by poor light; and it features an under-seat contact-breaker, which improves safety by disabling the engine when the driver’s seat is vacated.

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