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Stiga Estate 3084H Lawn Tractor

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If you’re looking for a compact and agile lawn-tractor that can be manoeuvred with ease around trees and through narrow gateways, then the high-specification, European-engineered Stiga Estate 3084H should be high on your list of potential purchases. Its impressive manoeuvrability is largely down to its hydrostatic-drive; a premium feature that works rather like the transmission on an automatic car, allowing you to control the forward and reverse speeds in infinite increments using a foot-pedal. Low-effort steering and a turning-radius of just 180cm further enhance manoeuvrability. The Stiga Estate 3084H Lawn-Tractor is equipped with a very high-powered Briggs & Stratton Powerbuilt engine that has a substantial 344cc cylinder-displacement, and which employs B & S’s anti-vibration technology for longer component-life and a less tiring ride. The engine’s advanced overhead-valve design leads to a significant reduction in sound-output; exhaust emissions; and fuel-costs; while the provision of electric key start works to ensure that achieving ignition couldn’t be easier. The 84cm-wide cutter-deck on the Stiga Estate 3084H can be raised and lowered through seven stages for a ‘just so’ finish; and features a hosepipe fixture that makes cleaning the blades and under-deck area a doddle – just attach the hosepipe; turn on the water; spin the blades; and the job is done. Large-diameter drive wheels provide ample traction, while simultaneously being gentle on delicate surfaces; while powerful dual headlights make it possible to work safely when the light’s against you. Highly versatile, the Estate 3084H offers collection; mulching; and rear-discharge as standard, thereby ensuring excellent results are achievable on everything from rough paddock-type areas, through to neat, well-maintained lawns. It’s supplied with a very high-volume 240-litre grassbag that can be emptied from the comfort of the driver’s seat, and which features an audible alarm that sounds when the catcher is at capacity, in turn reducing the likelihood of clumping and blockages. With its 84cm working-width and capacious six-litre fuel-tank make it perfectly suited to lawns (and rough-grass areas) up to 6000m2.

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