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Racing RAC2040ECS Electric Chainsaw (40cm Guide Bar) 2000w

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Racing Chainsaws

Yet another high-quality but affordable machine from Racing, the 2040TECS Electric Chainsaw is a great budget all-rounder that’s ideal for day-to-day woodcutting tasks, from DIY- and hobby-jobs, through to lopping, limbing and firewood-production.

Powering the Racing 2040ECS is a high-output 2000w electric motor that develops the equivalent of 2.7hp; and which means you won’t have to deal with the dirt, noise, maintenance-hassle and starting-issues that come with petrol-power.

A fast-acting chain-brake - triggered either manually, or automatically when inertia is detected - works to optimise user-safety; while simple dial-based chain-tensioning makes life easier by eliminating the need to use tools in order to make those performance-boosting adjustments.

The Racing 2040TE Electric Chainsaw is much lighter than comparable machines, and as such will prove more comfortable and easier to handle over extended periods. It comes equipped with a lengthy 40cm guide-bar, which, along with the ⅜”-pitch chain, is kept thoroughly lubricated by an automatic oil-pump; and it’s fitted with a robust guard that will protect the operator’s hand in the unlikely event the chain snaps.

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