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Racing 3 -1 Petrol Blower, Vacuum Shredder 26 cm³ 245 Km/h 35L RAC26PBL

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Shepherd leaves, litter and other debris into manageable piles and do so the fast, low-effort way with this attractively-priced hand held blower from Racing.

As a blower it's capable of shifting a huge 245 Km of air per hour and on its suction mode it will hoover up debris and leaves it will suck 8000 tr/min,the shredded material can be used as compost, a nice gesture for the environment.

It’s powered by a large-displacement 26 cm³ Racing two-stroke air-cooled motor that puts-out a hefty 3.2hp; and which features a transparent tank for at-a-glance checking of the fuel-level.

This powerful Racing leaf blower, takes unleaded petrol in a roomy 460ml tank and full mix of 30_1. Provide a substantial max engine seed 900min ( 07.kW / 7500 min) With A variable-speed control - with a handy throttle-lock - means you’ll be able to adapt to the surface- and debris-type; while an anti-vibration system works to minimise shock-transfer from the engine to the operator’s body. Weighs only 4Kgs


Engine Type Petrol 2-stroke
Engine Capacity 26cc
Engine Power 3.2hp / 2.4kW
Engine Starting System Recoil
Air Flow Speed Max Air Speed 245 km/h
Air Flow Volume Max airflow : 540 m³/h
Sound Level 98.3dB (A)
Weight 4kg
Warranty 2 Years Domestic Warranty


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