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Oleo-Mac Sparta 381T Heavy-Duty Low-Emission Brushcutter

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If you're looking for a high-end, European-built brushcutter capable of more than just trimming a lawn, this is the place to come. Due to a special arrangement with Italian manufacturers Oleo-Mac, MowDirect are able to offer this heavy-duty, semi-pro machine at a serious discount - in fact we think you won’t find a better deal on a brushcutter of this quality - and with this many features - in the UK today. The Oleo-Mac Sparta 381T is ready to take-on basic strimming-duties, but is also more than capable of tackling scrub, underbrush, heavy patches of weeds and long grass out in open areas like paddocks, orchards and meadows. There's a powerful, large-displacement 36.2cc (1.8hp) two-stroke engine with Oleo-Mac's innovative Burn Right technology that delivers up to 75% fewer emissions and up to 40% improved fuel-economy compared to other machines in the same class. The engine produces very high torque, even at low revs, delivering serious cutting-power. Not only that, a cleaner-running and more fuel-efficient engine ensures fewer visits to the workshop and less maintenance all round, which in turn means you'll get more work from your purchase. High-quality components throughout make the Sparta 381T impressively reliable and durable. For example, the robust 7mm-diameter steel drive shaft ensures the ultimate in torque-transmission for better enhanced performance and fewer fatigue-inducing vibrations; while the larger-than-average flywheel cools the engine more effectively, thereby extending engine-life. A premium felt air-filter optimises engine-protection; while an advanced piston-design ensures peak-performance is consistently maintained. For more operator-comfort, the ergonomic bike-style 'cowhorn' handlebars enable the best operating position, thereby easing the strain on the arms and back. A digital coil makes for easy, dependable starts; while a centrifugal clutch offers enhanced control and lessens wear and tear on the engine and transmission. This model comes with a padded shoulder-harness and is backed by a lengthy five-year domestic-use warranty.