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Oleo-Mac GS-371 Pro Petrol Chainsaw with Free Starter-Pack...

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Oleo-Mac are Italy’s leading chainsaw mainfacturer and their products feature up-to-the-minute ‘Burn Right’ engine technology for a cleaner working environment and up to 40% less money spent on fuel compared to economy models. This premium-grade homeowner saw is ideal for cutting up firewood; pruning and limbing; and felling small trees. It has a host of advanced features and offers enhanced performance levels to meet the needs of the more demanding user. Harmful vibrations are massively reduced by the use of rubber stops and damper-springs that isolate the engine from the body of the saw. The carburettor also has its own anti-vibration system, which extends its working life. The engine is a two-stroke unit with a 35.2cc displacement producing 2.1hp; and has been designed for a long-life and reliability. An electronically-controlled digital-coil that makes starting much easier and more dependable, and reduces fuel-consumption into the bargain. The bar and chain, like all the other components, are of high quality; and the bar length is 35cm, so small- to medium-diameter branches can be cut easily and swiftly. The chain pitch is 3/8” and the gauge is 0.50”. The ergonomically designed handle incorporates triggers for 'on/off', choke and throttle for convenience and is comfortable to hold. Maintenance features include a noise-reducing muffler that is easy to inspect and a filter cover you can remove without having to use tools. Safety-features include an inertia-operated chain-brake that will intervene in case of kickback; and which can also be used to stop the chain moving during position-changing, without needing to switch-off the engine. The chain brake handle also doubles as a front hand guard to protect the hand in case of chain derailment. It is worth noting, however, that you should always wear protective gloves when using a chainsaw. This model weighs 4.2kg and has a great power-to-weight ratio, making it comfortable and easy to control long periods. It comes with a great package of safety- and maintenance-accessories. These include chainsaw safety-gloves and a safety-helmet with ear muffs and visor, as well as two-stroke oil, chain oil and a two-stroke fuel mixing-bottle.

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