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Oleo Mac BV300 Handheld Petrol Blower

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Emak are the parent company of Oleo Mac and if you’re a homeowner looking for a fast and efficient way to clear leaves and other debris from lawns, decking or fence-lines, then this powerful, low-noise petrol blower from Oleo Mac fits the bill. It’s fitted with a high-performance 30cc (1.3hp) engine with Emak’s ‘Burn Right technology, so it runs exceptionally cleanly. An easy-clean cloth air-filter provides optimum engine protection, significantly extending its working-life. The Oleo Mac BV300 Hand-Held Petrol Leaf-Blower employs Emac’s ‘Vibcut’ commercial-grade anti-vibration system, whereby four steel springs positioned between the engine and the housing ensure very little vibration is transferred to the operator’s hands and arms. This high-spec feature works with the blower’s lightweight design (only 4.5kg) to make it one of the most comfortable machines of its type available. This versatile machine can be converted to a powerful vacuum with the purchase of the optional kit, which comprises a hose and a 36-litre collection-bag. Vacuumed material is shredded by a built-in four-bladed steel rotor, so you’ll be able to pack plenty into the bag.