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Oleo-Mac BC241-HL Long-Reach Heavy-Duty Hedgecutter

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Trim tall, awkwardly-shaped hedges quickly, safely and comfortably with the powerful and robust Oleo-Mac BC241-HL Long-Reach Heavy-Duty Hedgecutter. Driving it is a high-performance 21.7cc Emak air-cooled two-stroke motor with an RPM-limiter and digital-coil for consistent torque-output at all engine-speeds; and a primer system for dependable from-cold starting. A bearing-carried drive-train ensures smooth, low-noise operation; while an aluminium gear-case ensures longevity in the face of long-term high-rev use. The Oleo-Mac BC240-HL has been equipped with blades made from premium hardened-steel, so you can expect stay-sharp durability and the sort of clean cut that prevents bruising and infection. It’s fitted with four anti-vibration springs which totally isolate the engine from the handle for low-fatigue operation; and it’s built around a large-diameter shaft (24mm) that provides a strong platform for the rest of the machine (the shaft measures a substantial 2.4m in length). Combining an adjustable handle with a 12-stage 180°-articulating cutter-head, the Oleo-Mac BC240-HL can be set-up to suit any operator and any hedge. This model’s extra-wide 35mm tooth-pitch means it’s capable of handling the woodiest growth.