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Mountfield S42R-PD LI Cordless Power-Driven Rear-Roller Lawnmower

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Experience the unrivalled power of an 80v lithium-ion battery and enjoy rugged build-quality with this high-end cordless lawnmower from venerable British brand Mountfield. Lithium-ion cells have numerous advantages over their lesser lead-acid and nickel-cadmium counterparts, including a lack of self-discharge and memory-effect; faster charge-times; and greater durability. The Mountfield S42R-PD LI has been furnished with a power-drive; an effort-saving feature that makes it far easier to mow on inclines and tussocky grass. Single-point cutting-height adjustment means it’s quick-and-easy to select your preferred blade-setting from the five available; while a skid-plate and grass-combs combine to ensure an impressively neat finish with no unsightly scalping. Boasting a full-width rear-roller, the Mountfield S42R-PD LI Cordless Rear-Roller Mower will lay-down an eye-catching stripe and will remain stable and upright when mowing along the edge of flowerbeds and veg-plots. It has a compact 41cm cut that makes it a great match for the smaller urban garden; and it benefits from a steel cutter-deck that delivers a marked extension of service-life. Also featured is a capacious 55-litre grass-collector with a hard-top to prevent dust escaping upwards; and a ‘catcher full’ indicator to prevent overfilling and the subsequent mess.