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Mantis 4-Stroke Tiller - Honda Engine (7263-12-14)

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Compact, ultra-lightweight (11kg) and really easy-to-handle, the Mantis 4-Stroke Tiller/Cultivator is suitable for use in confined areas like raised-beds; flower-borders; and small veg-plots (its narrow tilling-width of only 23cm makes it ideal for intricate inter-row work).It’s fitted with Mantis’s patented and highly-effective ‘Serpentine’ tines which will dig down to 25cm, cutting with ease through claggy sod or tangled, gnarly weed roots and leaving you with a tilth that perfect for sowing or planting.This practical and convenient little machine is driven by a powerful and easy-starting 25cc four-stroke motor from the world’s leading small-engine manufacturers, Honda, so solid, dependable performance is assured.A multitude of versatility-enhancing attachments is offered.