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Loncin LC80ZB35-4.5Q 3" Petrol Powered Water Pump

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With a delivery volume of 48,000 litres per hour, solid, workhorse construction and a powerful engine with OHV technology for smooth and economic running, this water pump is ideal for coping with non-particle fluids, swimming pool emptying, domestic or small-scale flood management or garden and allotment irrigation. Loncin's engines are built to be low in emissions but high in power and performance, and the engine powering this model, the commercial grade 163cc, 4.8hp G160F, is just that. Low in vibrations, it is therefore lower in noise and provides plenty of even, reliable power for the pump. The Loncin LC80ZB35-4.5Q is a centrifugal style pump, in which the centrifugal force created by the impeller generates a pressure differential to take the water to the volute, or exit chamber. Both impeller and volute are constructed from hardwearing and durable cast iron and all seals in the pump are ceramic, designed to resist corrosion and last longer. This model has a lift of 20 metres and suction of 6m giving plenty of flexibility. * The pump is housed inside a sturdy and strong metal frame, protecting the fuel tank and engine and stabilising the pump, and the body of the pump is made from aluminium, which is lightweight but strong and corrosion resistant. There is low engine oil protection device built in for safety and peace of mind. * The actual lift of a water pump = suction lift + discharge lift, and the water pump lift as stated is about 1.15 - 1.20 times of the actual water lifting height; so with a 20m lift pump you are looking at an actual lifting height of about 17m. SAFETY WARNING_ Never operate or activate this water pump in an enclosed or partly enclosed space, and always make sure there is adequate ventilation around the pump before operating.