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Herkules LMG53SHL-V 4-in-1 Variable-Speed Lawnmower

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A MowDirect exclusive, the high-specification Herkules LMG53SHL-V offers superior build-quality and an array of premium features, all at a remarkably low price-point. Key amongst those top-end features is the variable-speed drive system allowing you to mow at your own chosen speed and to suit conditions. Variables-speed mowers are also more productive and will enable you to get the job done quicker. This machine has a high-capacity 173cc Herkules four-stroke air-cooled motor that employs modern overhead-valve technology - you’ll enjoy clean-running performance with reduced noise, vibrations and fuel-consumption. Designed to handle typically changeable British conditions, the Herkules LMG53SHL-V is a highly adaptable four-in-one machine capable of either bagging, mulching or rear/side-discharging clippings. Further enhancing versatility is a multi-stage cutting-height range that’s simple to set using only one easy-grip lever. The Herkules LMG53SHL-V 4-in-1 Variable-Speed Lawnmower runs on large-diameter drive-wheels which not only provide high-grip traction, but also aid long-grass manoeuvrability. An extra-wide 53cm and impressively roomy 65-litre grassbag work to deliver superior large-area productivity; while a handy ‘bag full’ indicator helps to prevent blockage and spillage by letting you know when it’s time for an emptying-stop. Comfortable and straightforward to operate, the Herkules LMG53SHL-V benefits from an ergonomic soft-grip handle and conveniently-grouped controls. Further convenience-features include a front-carry handle that makes getting the mower up steps or into the car-boot a breeze; and a deck-wash port for no-hassle cleaning of the blade and deck-underside.

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