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Feider FBT270 Petrol Chipper-Shredder

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The powerful and solidly-built Feider FBT270 Petrol Chipper-Shredder will prove an invaluable bit of kit for gardeners maintaining large areas which are producing a substantial amount of organic debris! The Feider FBT270 offers two input-points: you’ll get a large-aperture chute for the easy in-feed of grass-clippings, leaves and other green waste; and a tighter, cone-shaped chute that’s able to accept branches up to an almost log-sized 8.3cm in diameter. The chipping-system comprises a flywheel-mounted HS steel knife that will effortlessly reduce branches to woodchips perfect for pathways and frost protection; while the shredding-system consists of a series of metal flails which will reduce that green material to an easily manageable and highly compostable mulch. Twin transport-wheels - with wide-profile pneumatic tyres - make around-the-garden movement a breeze; while an OHV-type 9hp engine (270cc) ensures you’ll enjoy clean, low-emission operation with low fuel-costs and minimal noise and vibration. This model employs a belt-drive which means any overload won’t damage the engine.

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