Energizer Powerstation 72000mAh Portable Power Bank | PPS240NP

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Energizer Portable Power Bank

A compact and easy to manage unit weighing just 4.1kg and equipped with a sturdy carry handle, this cutting-edge lithium-battery-powered generator from Energizer is perfect for rambling, camping and picnicking, and will enable you to charge and run multiple devices in situations where there’s no mains supply! The Energizer Powerstation benefits from a series of LED indicators which show when your device is charging, when it reaches charge-capacity and the remaining energy in the Power Bank itself. Energizer’s PowerSafe Management optimises safety and durability by preventing short-circuiting, overcurrent, overcharge and over-discharge; while their provision of an LCD display provides info on key parameters, such as USB output, AC output and running-temperature. A rugged housing ensures any accidental knocks and bumps will simply be shrugged off. A flexible, high-capacity machine, this model offers the following outputs_ 1 x 150w AC outlet; 1 x 60w USB-C PD; 2 x USB-A; 2 x DC outlets.


Dimensions H: 11.5cm x W: 20.2cm x D: 17cm
Weight 4.1kg
Warranty 1 Year
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Battery Charge Time 5 Hours

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