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Efco TGS2800-XP Single-Sided Petrol Hedgetrimmer (75cm Blade)

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Designed and built in Italy to exacting standards, the Efco TGS2800-XP has been developed for commercial contractors and homeowners looking for an effective solution to the problem of large-scale hedge maintenance. Key to its high performance-levels is its powerful 22cc (1hp) engine. This premium-quality power-unit is equipped with a fuel-primer for dependable starting from cold; and it features ignition-advance, which minimises fuel-consumption on ignition. A rev-limiter serves to protect key engine components; while a digital coil makes sure a constant engine-speed is maintained across the RPM-band. Built to give years of unfailing service in the face of intensive professional use, the Efco TGS2800-XP Single-Sided Petrol Hedgetrimmer has a corrosion-resistant aluminium gear-casing and employs a heavy-duty transmission linkage with a bearing-mounted pinion, which reduces wear and keeps both noise and vibration to a minimum. The Efco TGS2800-XP has a lengthy 75cm single-sided blade with a generous 35cm blade-pitch, so it’s well equipped to take-on very large hedges that contain old, well established growth (the single-sided design of the blade helps to keep the overall weight of the machine down to a mere 5.6kg). Its lightweight construction combines with its highly effective anti-vibration mounts and advanced handle-layout to ensure you’ll be able to put-in very long stints without tiring.