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Efco DS3000T Low-Emission Petrol Brushcutter

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This heavy-duty domestic-use brushcutter offers specifications and features at the very top of its class. It will perform well under stress - without ever falling short on operator comfort - and is suitable for undertaking extensive clearance work on larger sized properties, such as mowing large areas of tall grass or tackling overgrown vegetation. Superior-quality features that separate this brushcutter from other makes include the low-emission two-stroke engine, which produces 75% fewer emissions than a normal two-cycle machine, thanks to the exclusive ‘Burn Right’ technology it employs. Further advantages are the extended intervals between maintenance and the massive reduction of up to 40% in fuel consumption. The Efco DS3000T Low-Emission Petrol Brushcutter has an extra-robust 26mm-diameter shaft, which has been elongated by 5cm to ensure the operator can always achieve a comfortable posture. The 'cowhorn'-shaped handles have been ergonomically designed to offer maximum comfort and help to reduce vibration levels to an absolute minimum for low-fatigue work. The engine housing on the Efco DS3000T Low-Emission Petrol Brushcutter has been made from aluminium for maximum strength and durability, even in the face of prolonged and intense operation. In order to afford extra protection, particularly when working in dusty conditions, the air filter on this model has a paper element that will extend the engine's service-life.