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Bertolini BTR-450 Transporter

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Aimed at agricultural and professional commercial construction-workers, the rugged Bertolini BTR-450 Transporter takes the strain out of shifting heavy and/or awkwardly shaped loads. It’s fitted with a Honda GX120 engine; a high-performance 118cc (3.5hp) four-stroke unit that combines an overhead-valve with a high compression-ratio and optimised valve-overlap so as to keep fuel consumption at impressively low levels. A dual-element air-filter and a cast-iron cylinder liner work to maximise engine-life; while an automatic mechanical decompression system will see the engine fire-up with the gentlest of pulls on the starter-rope. The Bertolini BTR-450 Transporter has a super-tight turning-circle (70cm) and a four-speed gearbox (3 + 1), so you’ll have no trouble manoeuvring it where space is restricted. It has a 50˚ dump-angle and can be used fully laden on inclines up to 20˚; and it features oil-immersed gears, so exceptional long-term reliability is assured. Thanks to its telescopic loading-platform, the Bertolini BTR-450 is capable of transporting items that are longer than the tipper bed. A power take-off facilitates the use any of Bertolini’s extensive range of attachments; while protected brakes ensure regular use in extreme conditions won’t cause undue wear-and-tear.

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