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Bertolini BT413S-10 Professional Two-Stage Snow Blower

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A winter workhorse with an expansive 60cm working-width and a beefy Lombardini diesel engine, the Bertolini BT413S-10 Two-Stage Snow Blower is a high-quality commercial-duty machine aimed at larger properties, small estates and businesses that need to clear snow and ice from around their premises quickly, safely and efficiently. At its heart is a 10.9hp air-cooled Lombardini 15LD400 diesel unit that offers a longer engine-life than a petrol model, as well as being cleaner-running and offering better fuel-consumption and performance. This two-stage snow-blower employs a robust and hardwearing toothed-steel auger that will bite into and break-up the most compacted snow with ease. The broken snow is then directed back to a powerful impellor that agitates it and forces up and out of a weatherproof metal disposal-chute. The chute rotates, enabling you to direct the smashed snow anywhere convenient. The auger is height-adjustable, courtesy of snow-shoes positioned on either side of the auger-hood. This facilitates the use of the blower on varying surfaces - for example, you can clear on a loose-surface car-park without picking-up gravel and flinging it at the parked cars. The Bertolini BT413S-10 Professional Two-Stage Snow Blower is bristling with top-notch features, including a rapid forward/reverse shuttle, which allows you to change direction rapidly at any speed for enhanced manoeuvrability and handling; a seven-speed gearbox (4+3) for adaptation to the conditions; and a differential-lock you can engage should the going get really tough. The comfort-grip handles on the Bertolini BT413S-10 are vertically adjustable, so they can be positioned at the optimum height for any user. For added operator-convenience, the handles are mounted on vibration-reducing dampers, which make prolonged use far more comfortable and less tiring. The handles can also be laterally adjusted, so you can clear flush against walls, kerbs and fences The pneumatic-tyres measure a substantial 254mm in diameter and have deep-patterned, high-traction treads for extra purchase on potentially treacherous surfaces. Accessories are available for the Bertolini BT413S-10, including a heavy-duty snow-sweeping brush and seasonal attachments like cultivators and scythe-blades. Accessories are easily connected with the unique ‘QuickFit’ system, allowing you to engage and disengage accessories easily without using tools. A tow-hitch is supplied as standard.

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