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Alpina AL3 41 Li 80V Lawnmower Cordless Lithium Battery Powered...

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Innovations in cordless baterry lawn mowers have come a long way, no more so than the Alpina AL3 41, with Lithium power technology the 80V range is designed to handle the demands of larger lawns. The powerful 80V Lithium-Ion battery delivers uncompromising performance equivalent to a petrol engine, with up to an hour of mowing from a single charge and a charge time of only 90 minutes. Simply hold in the starter button and engage the lever and you’re mowing. No priming, no choking, no pulling the recoil rope, no trips to the petrol station, no barriers to you enjoying your garden. The Alpina AL3 41 Li is a 3 in 1 lawnmower and features a 60 litre grass collector with an indicator to show when it is full. Alternatively, you can choose to rear discharge the grass clippings or even mulch. Mulching grass saves so much time - it can be more than 30% quicker as there is no stopping to have to empty the collector. Mulching the grass allows the clippings to be recycled, improving the soil as they decompose forming a natural fertiliser high in potash and nitrogen. The battery and charger are included.

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