We want you to shop with confidence with Home and Trader that's why we offer a 30 Days Return Policy, where, if you simple change your mind or in the rare occasion where something isn't quite right you can return your item for a refund.

We may need to collect the product, especially in the case where machinery has been used with petrol and becomes classed as hazardous goods by the courrier.  We will provide a full refund should there be something wrong with machine,  we may offer a partial refund if the machine has been misused to damaged by user error.  

We may charge for the return shipping of machine or offer store credit  if you have changed your mind. 

Once we have received the return item(s) will endeavour to inspect the product as soon as possible and issue a refund.  This process can take up 14 working days.

In most instance our customers are extremely happy with their purchases.  If the case that you are not 100% satisfied please don't hesitate to contact us and  allow us to help you in the best possible way.